About salon
We do a full range of repair work, from electronic diagnostics of a car to the replacement of any of its parts. You always get guaranteed quality work from our professionals, and you can always be confident in the reliable operation of your car. You will receive a full guarantee for all types of work.
Several specialists participate in complex works, each of which is responsible for his part of the work.

Our services
Our car service is equipped with modern equipment for the diagnosis and repair of Japanese cars.
Body shop
Oil and oil filter change.
Checking the oil in the automatic transmission, topping up if necessary
Checking the brake fluid level
Checking the level of power steering fluid
Battery electrolyte level check
Checking the oil level in the manual transmission gearbox
Checking brake pads and discs
Checking/adjusting the parking brake
Exterior/interior lighting check
Checking the heater/air conditioning system
locksmith shop
Bumper replacement 01-07
Bumper replacement 08-09
Bumper Replacement 211
Assembly and disassembly of the door
Door lock repair from
Replacing the door window drive with disassembly
Replacing the door window drive with disassembly
Replacing the stove radiator with the removal of the torpedo Classic
Replacing the stove radiator with the removal of the torpedo
Remove and install torpedo
Remove, install torpedo Classic
Installation of crankcase protection
Installation of curtains all models
Tire shop
  • A set of works on 4 wheels (removal / installation, washing, balancing)
  • A set of works on 4 wheels (removal / installation, washing, dismantling / installation of rubber, balancing)
  • A set of works on 4 wheels (removal / installation, washing, dismantling / installation, balancing)
  • Removing/installing a wheel
  • Wheel washing (technological)
  • Wheel removal
  • Wheel mounting
Car diagnostics
  • Computer diagnostics - the cost of the service is 1 thousand rubles,
  • Repair of electronics of any kind of complexity
  • Checking for Electricity Leaks
  • Repair of any car ECU
  • Repair of robotic gearboxes (Easytronic)
  • Repair of ABS blocks
  • Resetting SRS units (after an accident)
  • Speedometer correction
  • Decoding of regular radio tape recorders
  • chip key programming
  • Restoration of wiring after an accident, fire
  • Repair of standard non-standard heaters
  • Reset service intervals
  • Diagnostics and repair of pneumatic and hydraulic suspension, valve blocks and controls
  • Adaptation of electronic units, sensors, etc.
Engine repair
  • Complete overhaul with removal
  • Head gasket
  • Manifold gasket replacement
  • Pan gasket
  • Chain-belt replacement
  • Replacement of valve stem seals
  • Block head repair
  • Adjustment of valves
  • Replacing the rear crankshaft oil seals
  • Chain tightening
Comfortable waiting
You can spend the time of repair work in the waiting room of our service
Tea and coffee
Tea, coffee and snacks for our clients free of charge
You can go about your business while you wait for the car
There is a working TV in the waiting room.
Even such seemingly simple operations as changing oil and filters, if performed unskilled, can lead to serious engine damage - up to major repairs or the impossibility of recovery. Whether it's worth the risk is up to you.
Customer reviews about the service
The guys are very attentive to everything, in addition they changed the oil, filters and cleaned the carburetor. Thanks for the great work!
BMW 525 owner
After the diagnosis, the oil and air filters were replaced, the nozzles were cleaned. The whole job took only 2 hours. Great service and good professionals.
Came here for a wheel alignment adjustment. During the work realized that you need to change the shock absorber and steering knuckle. All parts were in stock and the replacement went very quickly. Special thanks to master Dmitry.
I have always been very satisfied with the price and quality of the car service. The service is well equipped, the masters are professionals, and the recording is well planned. There are almost never queues!
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